Cypress Landing River Resort  
Paradise - A Definition : The Western Gate to the Sunshine State where thousands live the way millions wished they could!*
Welcome to North West Florida - Welcome to Paradise!

The Escambia River Delta area is AWSOME! We at Cypress Landing invite you to experience the thrill of 35,000 acres of fishing and naturalist fun by visiting the old Becks Lake Fish Camp which is located on our property.

Becks Lake Fish Camp is set among Live Oaks dripping Spanish Moss on a bayou-river setting of a network of pristine waterways that are teaming with Bass, Bream, Crappie, and much more! Natural Bayous were enlarged during the Northwest Florida Lumber Boom of the late 1880's and now the fish flock to this area because of our deep and still waters. Those looking for more adventure and fishing opportunities have but to motor or paddle a short distance to the Escambia River, the 4th largest river in Florida and considered the best fishing river by the State.

We are currently looking for a suitable developer that has experience with creating Quality Nature based communities.

We feel that the 420 acres that comprise this holding can be developed into an outstanding RV Resort and Fish Camp on the south property and a nature themed community with clubhouse and boat launch on the north property. Cypress Landing is close to all major area attractions, including Pensacola Beach and the Creek Indian Casino.

Pensacola, Florida is rapidly taking its place as one of the stand-out cities of the Country and this beautiful River area is like a fine rough diamond & only the "best" Nature Community master developers will be considered for this endeavor of National & International reach.

I'm not looking for a quick sell. I'm open to a plan that could include a lease, sale over time, or other financial arangements.

If you feel that you have the talents necessary to "cut" this diamond in the rough then I want us to talk.

Realtors are welcomed to contact me and would be protected.

To arange for an inspection of the property please send an e-mail to or call Ted at 850-982-1907.


A short video that shows the beauty of our River setting.
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To arange for an inspection of the property please send an e-mail to or call Ted at 850-982-1907.

* Quote from our beloved Vince Whibbs, Sr., (February 8, 1920 May 30, 2006) . Mayor of the City of Pensacola, Florida from 1978 - 1991.

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